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    BB – Beauty Cream by Belor-Design

    Το ίδρυμα είναι ένα καλλυντικό προϊόν νέας γενιάς.Έχει μια μακρά διαρκεία σύνθεση, απαλή βελουδική υφή που εξομαλύει τον τόνο του δέρματος, ματ και κρύβει μικρές ατέλειες. Χάρη στα μοναδικά συστατικά της υγιεινής και της μαλακύνσεως, το δέρμα σας φαίνεται λεία και μεταξένια.Η τεχνολογία "Εύκολα βήματα" εγγυάται ελαφρά και ομοιόμορφη κάλυψη.32g
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    Compact Powder Party

    Ideal powder for everyday make up! Thanks to the light and weightless texture the powder applies smoothly and allows your skin to breathe. Ensures even coverage, guarantees natural velvet tone. 11g
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    Corrector Miss Perfect

    Easy day or stylish evening – make-up should be perfect!With the MISS PERFECT corrector, your skin looks perfect. One touch is enough and all the flaws disappear. Velvety texture, designed for young skin, perfectly masks, aligns and corrects. Tea tree oil has a bactericidal effect, and extracts of chamomile and aloe vera soothe, which is ideal for sensitive and problematic skin. The convenient shape makes the application light and comfortable. A stable formula retains the perfect look of the skin for as long as possible.A green corrector ideally neutralizes redness, a universal proofreader-sculptor will advantageously emphasize facial features, and peach-pink will hide traces of fatigue.Has a proven antibacterial effect.
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    Corrector-Stick with Antibacterial Component

    Ideally masks small skin defects and pigmentations. It has an antibacterial effect due to the active ingredients included in the corrector: tea tree oil and Aloe vera. It is used both independently, and under a foundation or powder, and for correction of a make-up during the day.4.5 g
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    Incredible Hollywood bronzing powder

    Ideal for creating a natural tan effect!Silky powder with a bronzing effect is perfectly shaded, softly lays on the skin the thinnest veil, instantly gives to the face a beautiful tan and shine due to the smallest flickering particles.Without preservatives and parabens!Can be used for the whole body.
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    Mineral Cream Powder by Belor Design

    Cream-powder effectively matiruet and perfectly aligns the complexion.A soft, silky texture provides an easy and smooth application.
    does not dry the skin. has antibacterial and soothing effect. preserves the freshness and elasticity of the skin. contains a UV filter. Mode of application:COMPACT FLEET – when applied with a dry sponge, the cream powder balances the complexion and gives the skin a velvety look.TONAL CREAM – when applied with a wet sponge, the cream powder hides minor skin imperfections and wrinkles.Weight: 10g.
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    You are perfect! Elastic and gentle foundation with a matting effect for a natural and flawless complexion. It lies down in a uniform, thin layer. A special formula for a young and delicate skin perfectly aligns the tone, hides shortcomings, does not clog pores.Technology "Color Adapt" perfectly adapts to the color of your skin, without the effect of a mask.The tonal cream is enriched with Aloe Vera gel and vitamin E, which have an emollient, moisturizing and soothing effect.Ideal for young skin.
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    PARTY Foundation

    It masks minor skin imperfections, effectively mats and smooths complexion.Aloe extract supports the natural hydro-balance of your skin.The cream contains no oils, so it does not clog the pores, allowing the skin to breathe.Contains UV filter.Weight: 42 g.
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    Rouge Incredible Hollywood – Smart Girl

    Blush with radiant effect – put emphasis and draw attention!Delicate and velvety blush is easily and evenly applied. The perfect combination of natural colors creates an incredibly exquisite blush. Reflective microparticles give a radiant shade and are an ideal end to makeup.Without preservatives and parabens.10,5 gr
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    Silk Skin Foundation

    The Silk Skin toning cream with a soft, nutritious texture is easily and evenly applied, corrects and smooths the surface of the skin.The extract of oat grains provides maximum and instant lifting effect, tones up, nourishes and softens the skin, gives smoothness and elasticity. Your skin is full of energy and youth.Also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.Weight: 36 g.